#Shine in Elleanor de Provence

Why Elleanor of Provence?

The origins

Who am I ?

Behind Elleanor of Provence

I am Sarah Gabel, creator of the Elleanor de Provence brand. It is out of love for style design and clothing that I wanted to embark on this adventure with desire and passion.

Even as a child, I loved drawing pretty curves, combining colors and adding details with Indian ink or watercolor to create aesthetic harmony.

A lover of beautiful materials, I could guess the composition of a garment by touch, gluing pieces of fabric onto my sketched princesses.

Today, exiled from Paris, I have found the sweetness of life in Provence to reconnect with my all-consuming passion for fashion and style design.

To get back to the basics, my dreams !

What pushed me to act

The observation

After much reading and reflection, I realized what really mattered:

* Nature: we all know, it is precious and I became aware of my role to play in the environmental crisis we are experiencing.

This is why I wanted to place Elleanor de Provence in a new era - going against the tide of disposable fashion - which gives priority to quality for clothes that last.

* The Arts: in a world where everything goes at 1000000 an hour I am convinced that it is urgent to take the time and that the arts are the best way to stimulate our senses to get back to basics. I decided to shake up the textile sector and evolve against the tide of Fashion , one of the sectors that should make us dream and which has been completely distorted.

Quickly bought, quickly consumed, quickly thrown away.


From Elleanor de Provence comes the desire to design the fashion of tomorrow in a positive and timeless way.

My values

Retranscribe my Vision

The brand transcribes my values ​​identically.

Sensitive to ecology and beautiful materials, I choose noble, upcycled, labeled or natural fabrics for my capsule collections.

Focused on people and the environment, production is done in France in workshops of makers who share my opinions.

Giving a story to clothing, wearing it, loving it not just for a season but for a lifetime, giving it value and passing it on, such was my desire for Elleanor de Provence.

I draw my inspiration from my childhood memories, from the Provençal nature where I live, from my travels... and from my dreams.

With the desire that every woman wears her crown.