The history of our knit đŸ§¶


You already know our best: The Anna sweater ! This very soft alpaca wool/silk knit undoubtedly becomes our best ally for winter.

You loved it! Today, we are going to tell you the story of the Anna sweater by taking you back to its source: the Alpaca 🐑

Alpaca, an exceptional fiber

Among the different types of Alpaca fibers, Elleanor de Provence has chosen to promote that of luxurious, soft and silky Baby Alpaca .

Alpaca fiber comes from the annual shearing of the animal of the same name. It is the most prestigious natural fiber in the world because it has a large number of unique virtues.

Here are some of them:

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Resistant to UV radiation.
  • Water resistant and wicks away body moisture. like any wool, it will keep you warm when wet.
  • Stronger than sheep fiber
  • Don't shrink if you follow proper care

Furthermore, there are a wide variety of wool which differ in their properties and appearance.

We favored alpaca which seemed to us the best alternative for the result we were looking for for our sweater: light but very warm, soft, thermoregulating, puffy but not too hairy.


A sweater knitted & assembled in one of the last knitting workshops in France

In Hauts-de-Seine, the tradition of Armenian knitters who made almost half of French sweaters in the mid-1980s is gradually dying out. Faced with relocations and globalization, most of them have disappeared.

As you know, at Ellenaor de Provence, we form very close links with local artisans in order to enhance their know-how , support employability in their sector and guarantee superior quality within a tailor-made workshop. human.

It was therefore important to us to knit our wool yarn in France in order to be able to revitalize this declining sector on our scale.

To date, we work with a family workshop located in Clamart which is one of the only ones still in existence to make wool clothing.

A certified and controlled wool yarn

We chose a 72% Natural Italian yarn in Alpaca & Silk for its gentleness.

The wool yarn that we use at Elleanor de Provence is Alpaca Mark certified which guarantees the quality of the Alpaca fiber and is mixed with silk which gives it an ultra silky feel.

To facilitate maintenance and extend the durability of the wool, this yarn also contains recycled polyamide, RCS Recycled Claim Standard certified, which ensures good traceability of recycled raw materials and that the recycling process follows good social practices. and environmental.

The keys to a well-maintained knit

Wool can seem difficult to tame. Here are the essential maintenance rules to follow to keep your sweater as long as possible:

- Air your sweater regularly.

- Machine wash cold, hand or machine wash, wool or hand cycle. Do not use the dryer.

- Do not wring the sweater to wash or dry it but favor natural flat drying.