It's decided, I'm (really) letting go during my vacation

That's it, you're on summer vacation 🎉

To make the most of it and come back rested at the start of the school year, I'm giving you the 3 tips that I try to apply during my vacation to (really) let go.


Disconnect & LIVE without screens

I generally take advantage of this calm period to cut off from hyper-connection , which does not always help to rest your mind.

Goodbye to Gmail, Slack, Outlook, Instagram, Facebook or any other Online social network. It is the moment of OFF For me feel present , stop being hyper-stimulated and disconnect. Place for well-being.

Often the body takes a beating during active times of the year. It's time to become aware of the present moment by taking time every moment, during a sunbath, a walk - a run or a swim, by refreshing yourself in the water, by experiencing sweet moments with your family , by taking the time to become aware of your state, to feel, to breathe, to be there.

To forget

  • Diary, watch and phone or Mac charger to enjoy the holidays and disconnect...


I adopt No Planning

My activity schedule is not at all organized during the summer vacation. It's true that the rest of the year, I like to plan and organize everything. But here, I like to let myself go and go with the flow.

On vacation, I tell myself that it's the time not to have a precise schedule, no program of visits or activities. I always have a book on the region that I travel through as I go along & I do the activities by feeling. It makes me feel good. For me, there is no reason to put pressure on yourself on vacation.

And above all, even if I am with family and everyone has their own desires. I compose to find activities that we will all share but I also claim time for myself.

I take the opportunity to meditate, have a massage, write, draw, do yoga, and do sports.


At the start of the school year, I continue my good habits

I tell myself each time I return to school that if vacations allow me to let go, take a step back and have our batteries well recharged, there are good habits to extend. Daily life sometimes takes over and I tend to go at 1000 miles an hour because I love my work and action.

So for a peaceful return, I extend this healthy lifestyle and learn from what I experienced on vacation by continuing with a varied diet, rest, sport, meditation, and time for myself.

Not to be forgotten every day

Allow yourself at least one hour a day of meditation and exercise just for me. 

And what is your state of mind on vacation?

I hope you enjoy your vacation to the fullest :)