Between England and Provence

A female figure

Elleanor for Eléonore, with an extraordinary existence who, born in Provence,
became Queen of England in the Middle Ages.

Franco-British like me, she was a woman of many strengths. She shook up the codes. She established herself as a feminine figure despite the adventures she encountered, particularly during her regency, a rare occurrence at the time.

Through her image, it is each of us, with our history, our difficulties and our identity which is highlighted.

Every woman has a unique strength that propels her forward.


As sources of inspiration

Provence is the cradle of the brand for its proximity to nature, light and even the warmth of life.

More than a place, it is an Art of Living which gives me the necessary inspiration for my


To the Rank of Queen

Nature in all its splendor has always inspired me and it is also woman, in her great and beautiful diversity who gives me the ideas and the breath necessary to create every day. Every woman deserves her own crown.

My daily mission is to support you through my passion to make you feel unique and proud over the long term and in all circumstances.