Esther, our client of the month shares her experience Elleanor de Provence

We love listening to your testimonials and receiving your photos in queenly outfits!

This month, Esther talks to you about her Elleanor de Provence experience, because you are in the best position to talk about us ❤️

Your favorite piece at Elleanor de Provence? How do you feel wearing it?
- I discovered Elleanor de Provence on my birthday when my partner gave me the magnificent Léonie watercolor dress . It has the power to make me feel distinguished and light at the same time.

Your favorite moment of the day that makes you feel radiant and daring like Eleanor of Provence?
- The morning! When we wake up, nothing is decided, everything is still in our hands 😉

The hated moment for which you would like to leave everything to lead the life of a Queen?
Transport to work. Time, world and that's just the beginning.

Elleanor of Provence in 3 words?

Quality, sustainability and creativity

Like Esther, try to win a prize worth €50.

Send us your photos in Elleanor de Provence and follow us on Instagram and post your looks with the hashtag #brillerenelleanor , each month we will elect the most beautiful of your photos. The winner will win a surprise bag (total value €50).