To make sure you don't get left behind...

At the forefront of fashion in the 60s and then forgotten, the famous gingham pattern returns to the forefront (to our greatest pleasure)...

We tell you everything about this fabric which is part of our latest collection!

A little history...

In the 19th century, the textile industry was booming in France. Emperor Napoleon III, proud of this development, decided to visit numerous factories, notably the Grivats spinning mill in Cusset (neighboring Vichy) where a pretty white and lilac striped pattern was made: the ancestor of the gingham pattern. Empress Eugénie fell under the spell of this fabric and launched the fashion for this print in France.

It was only at the beginning of the 20th century that stripes became the tiles we know today.

Femininity in gingham

Popularized by Brigitte Bardot on the cover of Elle magazine in 1953 and then at her wedding with a pink checkered dress; gingham has been conquering women around the world for more than 50 years.

From Marilyn Monroe to Marion Cotillard via Lady Di or even Jennifer Aniston in Friends, the gingham pattern is worn by these free and daring women who have left their mark on fashion with elegance!

It was therefore obvious that it was a source of inspiration for the Elleanor de Provence outfits...

Our look ideas

The Adèle top and the Adèle shorts are adorned with the gingham pattern for the release of the Garden Party capsule ! A 100% cotton fabric combining comfort and style, to follow you every day.

THE gingham shorts goes wonderfully with the black Eva top for a feminine and casual outfit.

THE top Adele him, will go very well with a black bottom like the Jeanne pants or the Emma skirt .

What if we dared to go for a total gingham look? Combine the top with the Adèle shorts to create a playsuit and enjoy the beautiful sunny days!